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Yaroslavi, Russia by Ina A. Steinberg, BA, BS, Ph.D.


wpe96301.gif (46348 bytes) Riverboat "Litvinov" docked at Yaroslavi.




A pretty place, larger than Uglich and Kostroma.  This small town is enchanting and picturesque.  It sits on the water.  With some help, it has the potential to be lovely.  Our guide was wonderful. 

A university professor, she provided much insight into what it means to be a Russian in this transitional period between communism and a flourishing free market system.  Will the latter ever arrive?  Many Russians think not As for now, our guide points to one of the many souvenir sales people who are everywhere.  A university research scientist, now unemployed, he has been reduced to making a living by selling souvenirs.   We have been told that an average professorís monthly salary is equivalent to approximately $20.00 [USD] per month. 

There is an excellent childrenís cultural museum here, as well as a very good dance troupe.

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