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GRAND HAVEN, MI - Konrad/Fountain of Youth racing team scores their first win of 2004 season.


Fred Sparling, Application Engineer
  Phone:    715-386-4203
   Fax:      715-386-4219   

 The Konrad/Fountain of Youth team won their second Grand Haven race as offshore powerboats took to the waters of Lake Michigan in the Coast Guard City Offshore Challenge on August 15, 2004. The team had received a checkered flag in the Silver Cup Series season finale in 2003. Hosted this year by the city of Grand Haven, MI, Offshore Super Series Powerboat Racing Association, and the Great Lakes Silver Cup Series, the race was attended by thousands of fans and held in a picture perfect setting.

The Outlaw Performance Level 4 race began with Team Motion, a former Factory 1 race boat, taking the lead, followed by the GLSCS and APBA points leader Swipes/Herbott Racing in second, the Konrad/Fountain of Youth in third, and the Pressure’s On in fourth place.

“Our driver, Bob Morrison, made some moves that were truly inspiring,” said Brian Bunch, owner and throttleman of the P4-33 Konrad/Fountain of Youth race team. “On lap 3, we made a wide entry coming into the lighthouse turn which allowed me to keep the hammers down and not scrub off speed. We dove through Swipe’s roostertail on the exit of the turn and gained 500 yards on them as we headed back up along the beach straightaway. We made the pass on them before the next turn.”

With just the Team Motion boat in front of them, the 10-Meter Fountain hull with Konrad 540PRS Stern Drives continued to apply pressure. On the fourth lap, Team Motion coasted to a stop in the infield suffering a broken outdrive, putting the Konrad/Fountain of Youth in the lead.

“These Konrad drives are keeping us competitive by simply allowing us to finish races. We have not had a single problem with the new Konrad hardware. We had some other help from Hydromotive Engineering with a new set of props that hooked up great. And with Bob behind the wheel, all I can say is - awesome!” said Bunch. With this kind of success, you can bet they will return again in 2005.

Look for the Konrad/Fountain of Youth P4-33 boat to compete for National and World Titles in October and November.  Details on the APBA Offshore GMC Pro Grade Series 2004 schedule can be found at For information about the team, visit, or contact team owner Brian Bunch directly at 313 283-8148.

 For information on Konrad Marine’s 540 PRS (Performance Replacement System) contact Fred Sparling, Application Engineer, at 800-927-3545 or visit their website at



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