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Key Biscayne, FL

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Key Biscayne is one of the entrance ways to beautiful Biscayne Bay and to vibrant Miami and Miami Beach.  It is also the former winter White House for Richard Nixon and a cold weather retreat for thousands. 


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Most of all it can easily be the keystone point for a variety of weekend cruises.  On the west end of the island is Crandon Park Marina - .  This marina has both slips and dedicated mooring that are available on a daily or annual basis at a very reasonable rate. 

Click here to see snaps shots of Crandon Park Marina! 

A weekend cruiser can "home base" here and enjoy a wide variety of adventures.   Day cruises to No Name Harbor - located at the east end of the island offer a good day or overnight anchorage.  Halfway between Crandon Park Marina No Name Harbor is a site off of the old Nixon compound which is also a popular local destination.   For additional snapshots of "the" Key click here!



We have all heard about the Columbus Day Regatta; however, many do not realize that Elliott Key is an easy sail from Crandon Park marina.  As part of the national park system enjoys federal status protection and funding.  Elliott Key can provide adventures ranging from scuba / snorkeling to enjoying sunsets from the cockpit of your boat.

 [ed. note: Remember when you “up anchor’ you are on a voyage.  It may be around the world or to the fuel dock.]



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