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Esther Arosemena  Biography:


I was born October 4, 1943 in Havana, Cuba. A mulatto mid-wife assisted my mother. Family legend has it that when she first saw me she said: Senora, she has star in her forehead. She’ll be very lucky!   Many times in my life I’ve assumed this is why I always land on my feet. 

My grandfather was a lighthouse keeper. My mother grew up in Cayo Guano, a small key off the shores of Havana. We, (my brother and I) grew up hearing stories of sailors and the sea, and songs Alla en el fondo del mar salado  There at the bottom of the salty sea. 

I was in my teens in the late 50’s and the winds of war were blowing. When we went to the movies we checked under our seats to make sure there were no bombs. Rumors spread rapidly. Someone’s cousin joined the rebels. A Batista thug murdered somebody’s brother. Every unreported battle took the Revolution closer to Havana and a total take over by the rebels. The rest is history. 

My family and I left Cuba on March 31, 1960. After several years of living in Latin America I came to live in the USA in 1966 divorced and with two small children. In 1972 I moved from Miami to Los Angeles, Ca seeking a better future. I was hired by CBS and over the years I climbed up the ladder. In 1979 I was hired as a videotape editor for a new locally produced show. 

“Two on the Town” was a smashing success. It entertained audiences for 10 years airing coast to coast and all over the world. As the granddaddy of all reality television today it pioneered the magazine genre and went to win innumerable awards. (Some of them are hanging on my walls.) I edited and wrote a lot of copy in those days. 

In 1989 I left CBS. The corporate world changed and we, the top paying professionals, were bought out.  I started a successful career in Real Estate. But by 1992 the RE market in California toppled and the phones stopped ringing. I headed for Nevada seeking the “pot of gold”, but after a few years I yearned to go “home”. In October of 1996 I packed all I could fit in my ‘89 Volvo and headed 3,000 miles across country – to Miami. 

Miami. A friend has said that they always wanted to live in a foreign country and now they do!.   This statement pretty much describes this eclectic, diverse, multiracial city. I have made a good life here among family and friends. 

January 1st of 2004 I meet a wonderful man. Derek introduced me to a world of sailing I learn to love more every day. So I embark a new adventure with him on Unity, polishing to be co-captain.  I pray for fair winds always. 



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