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Specializing in FIXED, FOLDING, & FEATHERING Props (Shaftdrive & Saildrive)


The Old Salt

AVAST! Ye Shellbacks and Polywogs!  It's All Hands and Stand-to!  We be gathered 'bout the Scut'lbutt fer Ditty 'r two.  There'll be Chanties and' Forebitters.  But, 'lest ye be thinkin' that this here be a fair-weather Cruise, it's the Cat fer thems that shirks 'is Duty!          

Old Salt is a program of sea chanties and sea songs presented by Phil Schneider.  These wonderful songs and chanties are presented in an accurate and historical context.  Unlike modern renditions that present material in a palatable, romanticized way, Phil Schneider strives to bring the chanty to life in the way they were used and originated, but the program is not dry and academic; each chanty and sea song is explained in a manner that is both poignant and humorous. 

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