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Tom Clarke - Biography Return to Prospecting for Gold!
Tom has worked for more than 12 years for Interpersonal Technology Group ( ), a management consulting and training company specializing in helping client companies to increase the productivity of their information technology human resources. Prior to that, he had more than 28 years experience in information technology.

Boating has been a part of Tom's whole life, mostly in Barnegat Bay on the New Jersey Shore. His first boat was a 16 ft. dory that his father, a boat builder, built, for Tom, when he was 14 years old. Since then he has built his own boats (an 8 ft. dinghy, a 16 ft. Hartley Trailer-Sailor, and a 17 ft. nylon and aluminum Baidarka kayak); lived on a boat (a 42 ft. Huckins, the "Alert"); and taken numerous cruises in a wide variety of boats.

Tom's photos were taken on business and vacation trips to various parts of the world.  They represent his continuing desire to "capture the essence" of the scene. Most were taken with a digital camera. His current camera is a Sony F707 (now the F717), which he highly recommends.




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