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How much does this painting cost?

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This is a familiar question for the artist - Steve Bindon.  Perhaps a good answer might be How much is this painting worth?  Does it remind you of a past trip perhaps to Africa, Europe or Asia.  A oil painting of a special someone - husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, son or daughter is a precious thing. 

How much is that perfect painting for your office, den or family room worth?  Steve Bindon has what I consider a very fair method of pricing his work.  basically it is the

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 same as any professional.  It is time and expenses - with a firm estimate of both provided in advance!  The time is actual projected time based on his years of experience and the expenses are for actual expenses.  The expenses may include a visit to you site to become familiar with what you are seeking as well as paint and canvas.

In addition, Steve has offered to provide special situation for non-profit organizations that provide humanitarian services!

Born and educated in UK, with life experiences in England, the Falkland Islands, Japan and Africa, Steve brings a mixture of steel and softness to his work. 

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