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Steve Bindon - Biography

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Steve Bindon, born in 1960 is one of England's newest talents in environmental art. A self-taught artist, Steve is inspired by his experiences and observations of the environment, the images he paints may be wildlife or people and may bring abstract and realism art together. He believes art can be a connection to a spiritual world which is essential for the human spirit, but which we are now losing touch with. Losing our connection to nature.

After 11 years in the British Special Forces, during which time he served in the Falklands campaign receiving a gunshot wound and then 3 years as a bodyguard, Steve lived in Japan for 6 years. It was in Japan that he started to develop his art to focus on environmental issues.  He has had exhibitions in Tokyo and London, his paintings are in corporate collections in Japan, America and Germany and has recently sold work at Sotheby’s.

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