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Herreshoff and America’s Cup Museum of Bristol, RI. 

Editor's Note:

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Bill Knowles, (Director of Operations, and Jasmine Blackmare, Webmaster, of the Herreshoff and America’s Cup Museum of Bristol, RI. 

Nathanial Herreshoff, one of the premier boat designers and builders of the late 19th and early 20th century, was famous for innovative designs in both power and sail.  To have a “Herreshoff” was a real status symbol – cherished by all and affordable by the very rich.

His son L. Francis Herreshoff continued this tradition of innovative design and highest quality.  A recent article in Sounding magazine praised a particular vessel with the phrase “…built by L. Francis Herreshoff himself.” 

Review this information, especially the page on visiting the site – there may be an opportunity for free dockage or a mooring. 


The Herreshoff Marine Museum

The Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island provides an outstanding experience of education, fun and inspiration relating to the best of the sport of sailing.

Visitors are awed by the Museum's collection of 60 original Herreshoff boats, steam engines, artifacts and brilliant photographs depicting America's greatest designer and builder during "The Golden Age of Yachting."

The Museum is an exciting, evolving center for brilliant programs, an outstanding sailing school, a museum store -all to fascinate visitors, young and old.

Come see the presentations about the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company and the fabulous yachts that won sailing trophies in all parts of the world. Visit, join, and be a part of a great tradition. Click below for details. Or,
click here to learn all about the America's Cup Hall of Fame, a strong component of the Museum.

Herreshoff Marine Museum Home Page

Mission Statement

About the Herreshoff Marine Museum

Take a Tour of the Museum

Photographic History of the Herreshoff Boats

Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. (1863-1945)

Interesting Articles

Rebecca Chase Herreshoff Library

Carlton J. Pinheiro Scholarship Application





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