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“MAKING IT ALL WORTHWHILE” a conversation with Karl Sydor

I recently had a discussion with Karl regarding a subject that most of us may wonder about but few question.   What is good response from your audience?  Is it 2 people saying thank you or is it 20, 200 etc.?  What is it?  The greatest thank you is when a person thanks you helped me get to port safely.  Karl followed up this discussion with the following note.



Having written over a half a dozen articles/stories for "Weekendcruiser.Com", I often wonder if anyone really is enjoying the stories or getting any benefit from them. On occasion I do receive feedback. Earlier this year I wrote an article called, "Largo Canal-Cruising With Fun and Caution". It was an article that recounts running my boat aground the previous year in Key Largo; I wanted to provide other boaters with information that may help them if they cruise to that area. In late July, I received an email from a boater named Eric who had been preparing to do his first cruise to that location and did an Internet search for information on it. Eric found the above article and when he returned from the cruise, he sent me the following email. I can tell you his email comments made the time I've taken to write these articles very worthwhile. Eric's email:


“Hi Karl I must tell you your article was most helpful to me especially the information on the 350 heading on approach. As my first cruise on my first boat a 33 foot Wellcraft Martinique everything went well as we went on the inside from Ft Lauderdale through Biscayne Bay and down through Angelfish Creek to the outside. However as we approached Mosquito Banks a torrential rainstorm came upon us, visibility was 15 feet at best. I went to idle speed and headed to the approach buoy while sounding my horn as in fog.  I gotta tell ya it was pretty spooky and of course my concern was another boat in path and not being able to change direction in time to avoid collision. Believe it or not while approaching that buoy I told my brother in law (first time on boat) of your article and once we found the buoy and  we came to the 350 (degrees) while still in no visibility I felt confident in that heading after reading of your experience at that location. Sure enough as you said this heading brought us directly into the canal. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCE!!!!!"

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